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Insight / Strategy

Embracing a new kind of awesome lifestyle! Over the last years in Greece more people are interested in styling and lifestyle. But things have changed after the recession. People now seek the genuine, authentic, personal expression beyond fashion and trends. With the “Everyday Awesome” activation, we turned Syoss into the ambassador of this change in the most awesome way!


  • Strategy
  • Creative production
  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media campaign
  • Content development
  • Web & mobile development
  • Radio
  • Promotional material
  • Sponsorships


Our goal was for Syoss
to leave behind the studio,
meet its audience
on the streets and
enhance its image as
a brand that glorifies
personal style and
offers all the necessary
“tools” for someone to
be and feel everyday awesome.

For the purpose of this action, the well-known photographer Panos Georgiou was “recruited” and flowed out the streets of Athens along with his team in a unique style spotting. From the historic center to Kifissia and from Chalandri to Glyfada, the van with the crew of Syoss scoured the neighbourhoods for authentic style! No matter the occasion, if the team discovered someone standing out from the others, they took a photo of him on site.

The photoshoot was completed in 2 weeks and more precisely in 2 three-day periods of May. At that time everyone was talking about Everyday Awesome, looking forward to the next spots the team would visit, which were not disclosed!

The audience was excited, resulting in over 60 photographs from the awesome style spotting, with genuine looks of everyday people, proving this way that this city has style! Everyone chosen by the team to be photographed were given a branded goodie bag full of Syoss products so that they can continue creating their own unique style! And there was something even more important… they got to be in the second phase of the action.

From the streets to the screens!
So, we went from offline to online! The 68 looks that were shot, were hosted in a fashion blog lookalike microsite.

The audience was called to decide and vote depending on the occasion, if the styles were awesome. Coffee Awesome, Date Awesome, Gym Awesome, Work Awesome were only some of the styles hosted on the microsite. There was a constant overthrow at the results of the voting, turning the two weeks into a real style thriller!

Syoss - Everyday Awesome

The action was supported by social media campaign, influencers, Youtube campaign, advertorials and radio spots. It’s a remarkable fact that the audience did their own campaign in order to inform their friends to vote them. The top 11 styles as well as the people voting, were all earning awesome gifts!


Over 60 photos of casual people with unique personal style, tremendous excitement and positive vibes!

The “Everyday Awesome” action has achieved to combine perfectly offline with online and tie the… street with fashion blog, street style spotting with digital voting and finally connect the “Syoss” brand name with authentic style that flows everywhere around us and does not obey rules nor follow the conventional ways.

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