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Kings Brioche

The Kings Brioche was a massive, “game changing” product launch for Elbisco, which entered the market accompanied by an aggressive marketing campaign that focused on the motto of a “New You”. When Kings Brioche took over as the star sponsor of the EJEKT Festival, we came up with The Kings of EJEKT Festival, a digital campaign that promised to make “Kings” out of the product’s Facebook fans, while bringing the flamboyance and excitement of the EJEKT Festival to the Kings Brioche Facebook page. The main competition asked fans to upload their pictures and claim their place as one of the “kings of the Ejekt Festival. Each winner would get to enjoy “royal” privileges: a VIP pass for him/her and their royal followers (a.k.a. friends), unique EJEKT Festival prizes and foremost, their transformation to Kings from renowned Greek street artist, Same 84. At the same time, all Kings Brioche fans got to experience the EJEKT Festival first hand, through content spread across various social media channels: Facebook & Instagram posts, Tweets, backstage Youtube videos and live streaming shows via Periscope.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Wow Idea Generation
  • Brand Evolution
  • Influencers Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Social Activation
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Integrated 360 Campaign
  • Web Development
  • User-centered Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Event Curation & Management
  • Innovative Hardware Installation
  • Phygital Activation
  • Post event Publicity Content


  • Social Media Brand of the Year
  • 10 Social Media Awards