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Style becomes
a personal statement.

Your life, your rules, your style.

Moving away from product centric to consumer centric,
from mainstream to original, from creating the perfect style to expressing oneself, we created a campaign that perfectly embraces the global wind of change, while inspiring audiences to express themselves. Introducing our version of MebyMe
for got2b!


  • Strategy
  • Content development
  • Web & mobile development
  • Partnerships
  • Social media
  • Campaigns/activations
  • Advertorials
  • Radio
  • Promotional material
  • Local content

got2b is the funkiest of
all Schwarzkopf brands,
oriented to younger

When new international MebyMe campaign launched, we were faced with the challenge: adapt the brand new MebyMe concept, drive awareness and relevance with experimental trendsetters, empower them to express their originality within their own culture, communicate product news and create leads to online sales. How did we respond to that challenge? With a powerful message!

Style comes from the inside.
MeByMe is all about destroying the preconceived notion that style is something that can be taught. Because if style is an expression of self, then your perfect style must come from you, for you. So, got2b is here to serve as a mean of expression. Whether you need something to help you complement your gentleman-ish attire or give a few extra twirls to your wild curls.

Less didactic, more inspiring.
So, we found those idiosyncratic, non-conformistic personalities that live by the “MebyMe” dogma. People that took talent and inspiration and through effort and persistence, forged new life paths. People that adhere to their individuality and unique style and support it in all they do, in how they act, in how they look.

These influencers were on a new mission:

To inspire and guide
our fans to their own
“MEbyME” realization
in order to deliver our
message: That you create
a style so you can be

In order to do that, we created a microsite that launched in two phases. Users were taken through a series of videos, presenting the 4 different influencers – each one representing our 4 product lines (Gentleman – Oh My Nude – 2Sexy – Beach Tripping).

Every video wrapped up with a “MEByME” declaration from the influencers. Based on this declaration, we asked our users to declare their own “MEByME” statement, to enter the draw to win their favorite got2B products as well as meet and greets and experiences with the influencers.

Statements were pre-determined, but users were able to submit their own. Users received a personalized mail a few days after their participations, with a suggestion on specific got2B products so they could support their personal style. We also linked the email to a specific offer with an e-retailer, adding a discount as an extra incentive and creating a lead for digital sales.

Got2B - MEByME

The campaign was
supported by social
media campaign and a
massive influencers’

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