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Sun of a Beach is a 100% Greek brand born and raised in the country of 360 days of sunshine! The brand offers premium beach towels and accessories, with unique design and high standard quality. A synonym of the summer and the sea.

The challenge for us was to raise their data base and the brief was loud and clear: celebrate the first official day of summer, the 21st of June.

Our answer to the challenge: A contest that offered a gift like no other. The very essence of the Greek summer, which is… the Sun itself!

That’s how “Donate Sun” activation was born. The participants were asked to celebrate the beginning of the summer, by donating sun to their friends all over the world. So they became Sun Ambassadors of the Greek summer and, of course, the brand. The activation was of worldwide range, as it was directed to audience inside and outside the borders of Greece.

The mechanism: We created a microsite that was hosted in the brand’s corporate website. The users could choose their friends through Facebook or email and send them… some Sun! Automatically they entered a draw to win one Just Sun beach towel for them and one for their friends. The possible couples could be as many as they wanted. The more sunshine they sent, the more participations they gained for the draw, and the higher their ranking was as Sun Ambassadors.

Every time someone donated sun, they would enter the Sun Ambassador Gallery, where they could see all sun donations accepted by their friends and their current title: from simple Sun Ambassador to Top or Golden.

But how did the sun donation actually work? The receiver of the gift was transferred to a digital space where the sun was shining above a golden sea. At the same time while enjoying this stunning video, the receiver could listen to a sound that is profoundly connected to the Greek summer… the singing of cicadas!

The Results

9000 approx. donated sun to their friends abroad and over 4,500 of them accepted the donation. So we managed to raise the email base up to 6000 new addresses! And all this with minimum budget, as the activation was mainly supported by Facebook and Instagram campaign of Sun of a Beach owned social media.

That way we managed to create a global network of Sun Ambassador which promoted the Greek summer and the Greek generosity in the best way possible. And the most important of all: The Sun Ambassadors became ambassadors of the brand itself.

The brand’s image as symbol of carefree happy moments was further enhanced, as besides of the actual winners, everybody won a sunny smile. Everybody felt sun-kissed and took a pre-taste of the forthcoming summer.

Donate Sun


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