Smart Cooking Challenges

Following the new strategy to reposition Neomat as the Smart Choice in every aspect of everyday life, we launched a brand-new website, the Smart Choice.

The Smart Choice is a hub that includes all aspects of smart living, directly or indirectly connected to laundry.

No1 cause of getting dirty is one of the greatest pleasures of life: eating and cooking. So, we came up with a fresh, original contest activation, the “Smart Cooking Challenges”!

For that purpose, we collaborated with one of the most popular and influential food bloggers in Greece, Madame Ginger.

Users were asked to enter a microsite hosted in the Smart Choice and challenge Madame Ginger to cook under… special conditions: every week users voted what she would cook and what she would be wearing during cooking.

The proposed recipes where all created by Madame Ginger herself and in line with the smart living concept. The proposed outfits where all fun and original adding an extra grade of difficulty in her cooking, as she was asked to cook in her pajamas, with her eyes closed or even in a pure white wedding dress![/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3071″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]The activation lasted 3 weeks. At the end of each week, the result of the voting came out and the audience could watch the video of the Smart Cooking they had asked for. All videos of all combinations were already shot, so that the audience could watch the results of its voting immediately.

Three hilarious videos were produced featuring Madame Ginger cooking the chosen recipes, wearing the outfit voted by the audience and getting dirty. Special guest star in the videos was Neomat mascot, the Fox, who sometimes appeared as a deus ex machina offering the cleaning solution to Madame Ginger and other times as teasing and anxious to taste the delicacies prepared by her.

Every week, 4 lucky winners won Neomat products for a whole year and cooking seminars and at the end of the contest one lucky participant won an LG washing machine.

The microsite was fully responsive with Facebook connect.

The results were outstanding!

Smart Cooking Challenges


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