Kings Of Ejekt #2 • What if

After creating the multi-awarded campaign KINGS of EJEKT for the KINGS brand and the KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL, Cambo was once again, up against the usual challenge of topping itself. The 2016 KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL called for a new, massive success story, an innovative, brand new idea for the KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL, one of the most popular music festivals in Greece, sponsored by KINGS.

And, well, so it happened! This time, the concept was based on the ongoing “What if” campaign, which inspired our young audience to see the world through a new perspective, to envision and put in action the “New You”. Nothing is impossible in the “New You” state, certainly not being one of the KINGS OF EJEKT FESTIVAL, being able to enjoy the event like royalty, with free entrance, unique prizes and special privileges.

It was a pretty powerful, single-minded idea: Make a Korona (a high pitched note in music) and “wear” the Crown (become one of the KINGS). In practical terms, users what to sing their own “What If” desires with regards to the music festival in front of their computers, to take part in the competition.

In the competition microsite, users could select their gifts of preference, connect with Facebook and use a custom recording UI so they could record their What If through the camera of their device, be it a computer or a mobile.

The participants formulated the “What If” gallery, with the user generated content exceeding 1600 videos. The idea was met with excitement and frenzy by the KINGS social media user base, and thus we had the honor of watching the KINGS Facebook page surpassing the magic 100k number in fans!

A perfect synergy between online (social media) and offline (on-event) channels leaded the climax of the KINGS OF EJEKT FESTIVAL during the two days of the festival. At the Plateia Nerou, the square that hosted the KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL, visitors could record their own “What If” videos in a special KINGS installation and win on the spot, unique prizes and tickets for the second day of the festival!


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